Meet the Staff: Rachael Meyer

Meet the Staff: Rachael Meyer

Rachael Meyer is Weber Thompson’s new Landscape Architecture Principal. She joined the firm with 13 years of experience creating lush landscapes for residential projects, parks, and public open spaces. Get to know more about Rachael in the Q & A below.

What is your Name & Title/Role 

Rachael Hope Watland Meyer, Weber Thompson’s new Principal of Landscape Architecture

You just joined Weber Thompson as our new Landscape Architecture Principal. What brought you here? 

Weber Thompson is such a great group of collaborative people and awesome projects! As the Landscape Architect on most of the projects in the office I get to work with pretty much everyone and every project. It is such a great opportunity for me!

What about this new role excites you the most? 

I’m excited by the office’s focus on sustainability and pushing each project to do more to improve our environment. It needs to be a driver in everything we do, especially with our urban landscapes.

What has been your favorite project? 

The Bullitt Center and McGilvra Place Park, the first commercial living building and first living park, respectively, have been most influential on how I approach landscape design and team collaboration. These projects were cutting edge in their ultimate design, but also in the process to get there.

Why Landscape Architecture?  Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Rachael Meyer”

Seeking two interior designers


Work hard, play hard, that’s our motto. But when the work outweighs the play, we know we need to grow our team, which is why we’re seeking two talented, hard-working interior designers with a great sense of humor. We work in a light filled, passively cooled office building in the middle of the highly energized South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle. If you or someone you know meets the criteria below, please head to our careers page to learn more and apply.

Interior Designer

We are looking for someone to bring their excellent design eye, stellar rendering skills and technical knowledge and experience to support our interior designs. You are a self-starter with at least 4 years of experience in residential multi-family projects – either high-rise or mid-rise – and commercial office projects who can work well in a highly collaborative environment.

What we’re looking for:

  • Experience and expertise in AutoCAD 2009, Revit, Sketchup and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Excellent team and interdisciplinary communication, both written and verbal.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • The ability to manage both schedules and budgets.
  • Resilience, drive, and a sense of humor.

A degree in Interior Design or Architecture from an accredited program is required; LEED AP Accreditation is preferred. Continue reading “Seeking two interior designers”

WT in search of talented Landscape Architect


Weber Thompson, an award winning architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and community/urban design firm has an opening on our landscape architecture team. Our projects are complex and you will work hard – but you will be alongside a great group of people who prioritize collaboration and humor in their day-to-day work. We work in a light filled, passively cooled office building in the middle of the highly energized South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle.

Our office is a friendly and low-key, yet deadline-driven, environment with minimal egos, and we’re looking for a new Landscape Architect / Designer to join our team.

If you have a Bachelor or Master degree in Landscape Architecture and 5+ years of experience, preferably in a landscape/architecture office setting working on urban multifamily and commercial development projects, we want to meet you! You must have broad technical knowledge of design development, construction documentation, specifications and field experience as well as a comprehensive understanding of plant materials, horticultural best practices and efficient planting plan production. Excellent computer graphics and rendering skills including SketchUp and Adobe Creative Suite, as well as proficiency in AutoCAD are necessary.

If you believe you or someone you know might qualify for this position, head over to our careers page to learn more.


WT Food Frenzy: Office Happy Hour

On July 8th, Weber Thompson began participating in Food Frenzy, a friendly competition to raise money for Food Lifeline. The competition engages employees of local businesses to volunteer, raise funds or collect food to do their part in helping to end hunger. Food Frenzy runs through next Friday, July 22nd, and Weber Thompson has committed to raising at least $1,000 in support of the effort.

On Thursday, July 14th, Weber Thompson turned the outdoor courtyard into a carnival-themed happy hour. Employees were encouraged to help raise money by buying raffle tickets, cocktails, snacks and by playing carnival-themed games.

The office annex was host to the happy hour bar and raffle ticket table. The bar featured a selection of snacks, delicious cocktails and boozy SnoCups that brightened everyone’s Thursday afternoon. The mango-coconut rum SnoCup was an overwhelming crowd favorite. There was also a wide variety of raffle prizes to choose from, including gift cards donated by local businesses, bottles of wine, employee parking spots and a one-hour personal photo session, to name a few. Continue reading “WT Food Frenzy: Office Happy Hour”

WT Wheelies Raise $900 for Bikeworks

Weber Thompson has always been interested in helping the environment. For the 4th year in a row, we have taken on the bike month challenge in an effort to reduce the use of cars and encourage healthy living. In previous years we’ve competed against each other in teams. The competitive nature drove us to team costumes and dance exhibitions so we could taunt our co-workers and spur ourselves on to ride more miles than the others.

This year we pulled together as a firm and formed a single team: The WT Wheelies. Our team consisted of 25 participants who rode from as close as 1 mile away to as far as 8 miles away with our farthest teammate riding 378 miles in the month. The team rode over 2600 miles, avoided 2350 pounds of CO2 and burned 131,000 calories! Along the way, we had team outings for happy hours and lunch tours, in which we toured various WT projects, both finished and under construction.

Why, if not to compete with each other, would we work so hard? For the KIDS! Continue reading “WT Wheelies Raise $900 for Bikeworks”

HEADLINES and the Value of Design Dialogue

I’ve been a member of the Architecture Professionals Advisory Council (UW Arch PAC) at the University of Washington since 2008 and am the current chair of the committee that organizes and supports the annual spring exhibit HEADLINES: Architecture Looking Ahead. This exhibit highlights emerging architectural projects from Washington practitioners and is a preview of the ideas, process and evolution of the upcoming work that will shape our future built environment. An overview of the design innovation and influence of local practitioners both large and small, HEADLINES offers an exciting preview of projects to be built regionally, nationally and globally. The exhibit will travel to Pacific Northwest schools and institutions throughout the year. Continue reading “HEADLINES and the Value of Design Dialogue”

Meet the Staff: Erin Hatch

Erin HatchEarlier this spring, we promoted seven individuals, and have been getting to know more about them through our ‘Meet the Staff’ series. This week, we interviewed Marketing Manager and new Associate Erin Hatch. Learn more about her in this Q & A.

Erin Hatch, Marketing Manager, Associate

How long have you worked at Weber Thompson and what is your favorite thing about working here?

I’ve worked at Weber Thompson just over three years. My favorite thing about WT is working with approachable, smart, creative people who are passionate about solving problems through good design. This industry can be cutthroat and judgmental, but this firm doesn’t tolerate that attitude. It’s an extremely supportive environment.

What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

I work on a wide variety of projects. Every day is different, and I always have to expect the unexpected. From keeping our website and blog updated to working with our leadership team on big picture strategy, I get to have my fingers in many different pies. (And I love pie, so it works out well!)

You were recently promoted! What does this mean to you?

I love working for a company that truly values my opinions, listens to employees at all levels, and has provided me with support and professional development opportunities to grow in my career. When I came to Weber Thompson a little over three years ago, my role was production design. I had a little marketing experience and loads of optimism and enthusiasm, and my manager recognized that I could contribute more to the team. I never imagined I’d receive as much support and recognition as I have. It’s been amazing. Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Erin Hatch”

Chowing down at the annual Weber Thompson Chili Cook-Off



When spring rolls around, WT staff literally begin lining up to jot their names on the sign up sheet for the annual Weber Thompson Chili Cook-Off. At the end of every February our architects, interior designers & landscape architects set aside their pencils and scales and throw on their aprons. Armed with crockpots and a unique chili recipe, they take over the office in hopes of concocting THE BEST CHILI EVER!  Continue reading “Chowing down at the annual Weber Thompson Chili Cook-Off”

Meet the Staff: Myer Harrell

Myer Harrell

Myer Harrell is Weber Thompson’s Director of Sustainability and was recently promoted to Principal. We learned a little more about Myer in this Q & A and were delighted to learn a few new things about him we didn’t know. Keep reading to see for yourself, or you can also read his bio on our website

Myer Harrell AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Homes / Principal, Director of Sustainability

How long have you worked at Weber Thompson and what is your favorite thing about working here?

I’ve been here just over ten years. My favorite thing about working here is how “flat” the firm feels. By that, I mean principals and partners don’t have corner offices, everyone is approachable. All are respectful, validating, accommodating and appreciative of coworkers no matter what their formal title. The feeling of hierarchy is minimized, and there is very little “command and control” style of management.

What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

Most of my time is on the Fremont Office Building, a very exciting, sustainable boutique office building in the heart of Fremont that just started construction. The LEED Gold Core & Shell project features enhanced daylighting, an efficient HVAC system, and innovative stormwater strategies, reaching beyond the project site to clean up water from the Aurora Bridge before it reaches Lake Union.

You were recently promoted! What does this mean to you?

To me, one difference in my title is how I present myself outside the firm to collaborators and clients. As a principal, I now feel like a “flag-bearer” of the firm in a slightly different way. I also feel a greater sense of responsibility to resolve difficult situations – with clients, consultants, and internally – diplomatically, transparently, completely, in a way I feel is befitting of a firm leader. Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Myer Harrell”

Meet the Staff: Jason Hanner


Jason Hanner is Weber Thompson’s passionate motorcycle expert, model maker and detail devotee. In January, he was promoted to Associate, recognition for his years of hard work and dedication to making Weber Thompson the firm that it is today. Congratulations, Jason!

Jason Hanner RA, LEED AP / Project Architect

How long have you worked at Weber Thompson and what is your favorite thing about working here?

A bit fuzzy.  I originally started in early ’99 while in school, took a leave of absence to study in Mexico for a semester, took another to finish my thesis, & then left to work for another firm for six months before coming back to WT at the end of June in 2005.

Hard to pick a favorite thing about working here, but I guess I would have to say the people I work with.

What project(s) are you working on at the moment? 

Evergreen Plaza in Bellevue is taking all of my time right now, it’s a 154-unit residential project in Downtown Bellevue.

You were recently promoted! What does this mean to you?

I’ve always been someone who wants to do my job well and haven’t worried too much about the career track, but it feels great to get recognition and reach this milestone.

We know you don’t work all the time. What do you do on a typical Saturday morning? 

These days Saturday morning is spent with one or both of my young daughters.  We like to go swimming, to the park, or take the light rail to the central library (“the train library” according to Agatha). Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Jason Hanner”