Touring South Lake Union’s Public Art

Did you know that last Thursday was the SLU ArtWalk? Perhaps you participated, and if so, you’ll know that it was an awesome success!  I’ll admit that I barely knew it existed as an event, but had agreed to lead a Seattle Architecture Foundation mini-tour of the neighborhood held in conjunction with the event. The tour was loosely focused on public art in the neighborhood, as well as the surrounding building context.

Starting at the Cascade People’s Center in Cascade Park, my group of about 16 people ventured out past Elizabeth Conner’s “Small Monuments” (2002), a series of broken images recessed into the sidewalk pavement; a subtle reminder of memory, what the site once was, and the promise of the future the neighborhood once embodied.  The artist’s humble approach toward functionality and social values rings strong and pertinent in today’s rapidly-changing SLU neighborhoods (what used to be a school was then a warehouse, now slated for a residential apartment complex). Continue reading “Touring South Lake Union’s Public Art”

Dewitt Godfrey’s Pike Motorworks custom sculpture wows


If you’ve been down Pike or Pine Street lately, you’ve likely noticed all the new construction happening along this corridor. You may also be familiar with the projects, or perhaps at least the history. This area used to be a series of auto showrooms and dealerships – now known as ‘Auto Row.’

At Weber Thompson’s Pike Motorworks project (714 E. Pike Street), there is a little magic happening that you can’t see from the street. With relatively little street frontage, the project is very inward focused, with outdoor entries off the four surrounding streets designed to draw people into the courtyard at the heart of the project. It is within this courtyard where the magic is happening!

Last week, artist DeWitt Godfrey was in town installing his piece “Capital” which will have a front-and-center location in the courtyard, and can be glimpsed through both the Harvard and Boylston Street entries. Constructed of 18-gauge Cor-Ten steel, the sculpture is a stack of warped and weathered cylinders of different sizes, complimenting the refined industrial aesthetic suggested by the materiality and detailing of the project as a whole. Continue reading “Dewitt Godfrey’s Pike Motorworks custom sculpture wows”