WT Practice: Spreadsheets in the Afternoon

I spent a happy afternoon last week benchmarking Weber Thompson against the PSMJ national financial metric survey. I realize that might not sound like fun to a lot of people, but I keep it in perspective. There are a lot of people here at WT who get super excited when they figure out the shoreline overlay codes. To me, spreadsheets seem like a snap in comparison. Continue reading “WT Practice: Spreadsheets in the Afternoon”

Jumping into the school year with YWCA’s Annual School Days Program

The school year for Seattle public schools began on Wednesday, September 4th. While kiddos across town may have mixed feelings with the warm weather still belying summer and freedom, the anticipation for seeing friends and checking out their new classes is palpable. For parents, there is the requisite trip (or evening of online shopping) for fresh school clothes and school supplies. Here in King County we are reminded that this is not always a given nor an easy or fun experience for the many children and teens who live in emergency shelters, transitional or supportive housing. Continue reading “Jumping into the school year with YWCA’s Annual School Days Program”

Architecture Through the Lens of Hip Hop

Photo courtesy Meegan Amen / University of Washington

Like so many design firms in recent years, Weber Thompson has joined the national conversation about equity, design and inclusion in a big way. From supporting Seattle’s AIA Women in Design Committee and the AIA Seattle Diversity Roundtable, to hosting a reception for Renee Cheng, the UW’s first person of color to serve as Dean of the College of Built environments, we’re working to help the practice of architecture become  an intentionally equitable industry. Continue reading “Architecture Through the Lens of Hip Hop”

What is the Future Office for Remote Workers?

We’ve all received the evil eye from the barista when we occupy real estate for hours in the coffee shop trying to work remotely. Or distractions and failing technology prevent us from working at home. Perhaps we simply want to work in the presence of other people. Whatever the reason, we’ve seen coworking spaces take off in a variety of forms to help solve some of these issues. Continue reading “What is the Future Office for Remote Workers?”

The First Annual Summer Fair at Othello Square

Earlier this month we attended the first annual Othello Square Summer Fair, a festive celebration of the Othello community and the neighborhood’s future. Weber Thompson led the effort to develop a Master Plan for the Othello Square project, and is the architect for two and landscape architect for all of the four buildings planned for the site. 

Continue reading