TT10/WT30 Exclusive: Introducing Topophilia

Topophilia = Love of Place. Back in June we kicked off the ‘Terry Thomas Transcended’ model design competition as a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Terry Thomas. Ultimately, it was WT Senior Associate Nicole Winn’s model ‘Topophilia’ that won the judges hearts. Recently, we celebrated the #LoveofPlace theme by gathering to share what we love about working at the Terry Thomas and to envision how it could evolve in the next 20 years, as rendered via a Topophilia-inspired VR experience. Here’s how it all started. Continue reading “TT10/WT30 Exclusive: Introducing Topophilia”

Honoring Earth Month: A Recycling Refresher for Weber Thompson

Last month, in preparation for Earth Month, the Weber Thompson SustainabiliTeam (WTST) office operations crew put their talents together and created a rap about waste sorting to the tunes of Hamilton. Yes, you read that correctly. To re-energize the WT staff, the office operations team took over the bi-monthly all office meeting and rapped (or should I say wrapped?) about compost, trash and recycling. Continue reading “Honoring Earth Month: A Recycling Refresher for Weber Thompson”