Jumping into the school year with YWCA’s Annual School Days Program

The school year for Seattle public schools began on Wednesday, September 4th. While kiddos across town may have mixed feelings with the warm weather still belying summer and freedom, the anticipation for seeing friends and checking out their new classes is palpable. For parents, there is the requisite trip (or evening of online shopping) for fresh school clothes and school supplies. Here in King County we are reminded that this is not always a given nor an easy or fun experience for the many children and teens who live in emergency shelters, transitional or supportive housing. Continue reading “Jumping into the school year with YWCA’s Annual School Days Program”

TT10/WT30 Exclusive: Introducing Topophilia

Topophilia = Love of Place. Back in June we kicked off the ‘Terry Thomas Transcended’ model design competition as a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Terry Thomas. Ultimately, it was WT Senior Associate Nicole Winn’s model ‘Topophilia’ that won the judges hearts. Recently, we celebrated the #LoveofPlace theme by gathering to share what we love about working at the Terry Thomas and to envision how it could evolve in the next 20 years, as rendered via a Topophilia-inspired VR experience. Here’s how it all started. Continue reading “TT10/WT30 Exclusive: Introducing Topophilia”

Honoring Earth Month: A Recycling Refresher for Weber Thompson

Last month, in preparation for Earth Month, the Weber Thompson SustainabiliTeam (WTST) office operations crew put their talents together and created a rap about waste sorting to the tunes of Hamilton. Yes, you read that correctly. To re-energize the WT staff, the office operations team took over the bi-monthly all office meeting and rapped (or should I say wrapped?) about compost, trash and recycling. Continue reading “Honoring Earth Month: A Recycling Refresher for Weber Thompson”