The Future of Buildings Already Exists

The sustainable architecture conversation has shifted somewhat in recent years from energy to carbon. Lowering energy use in buildings used to be a goal in and of itself, but today we think of lower energy use contributing to a lower “carbon impact” – a shorthand for greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to a changing global climate. From Renovate, Retrofit, Reuse, a paper published by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in September 2019:

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Mass timber is bringing the warmth of wood to the workplace

Many of Puget Sound’s most beloved buildings were born from our rugged site and climatic conditions. Notable Northwest architects Paul Thiry, Wendell Lovett and Paul Hayden Kirk developed the architectural language of Northwest Regionalism, favoring locally harvested wood and stone that echoed the forested landscape and framed vistas of our mountains and waterways. Continue reading “Mass timber is bringing the warmth of wood to the workplace”

What is the Future Office for Remote Workers?

We’ve all received the evil eye from the barista when we occupy real estate for hours in the coffee shop trying to work remotely. Or distractions and failing technology prevent us from working at home. Perhaps we simply want to work in the presence of other people. Whatever the reason, we’ve seen coworking spaces take off in a variety of forms to help solve some of these issues. Continue reading “What is the Future Office for Remote Workers?”