WT Wheelies Bike Everywhere in May

It’s May! The April showers are gone, it’s starting to feel like summer, and that means … Bike Everywhere month!

2016_Bike_Everywhere_logoThis year WT has assembled a team of 22 riders to participate in the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Everywhere Challenge.  Our goal: raise money for Bike Works, a local non-profit whose mission is to build sustainable communities by educating youth and promoting bicycling. Through their repair and re-cycle shop in
Columbia City, they teach kids (and adults) about bicycle assembly, maintenance, and safety. In addition to the health benefits, their programs establish a community centered around the freedom and sustainability of bicycling. Weber Thompson is hoping to raise $1,000 in donations, so even that 1¢ per mile pledge can add up fast! Although commuting is a large percentage of this mileage, we believe fun rides and trips to the supermarket are equally important to reduce our carbon footprint, so we are counting every mile toward this goal.

In addition to this charitable goal, we always try to address another goal: having fun! We are planning a number of office rides, for lunch, happy hour, and even a tour to check out some of our WT projects (they are popping up everywhere, from LUMA on First Hill, to the Fremont Office Building in … wait for it … Fremont, to Evergreen Park, out in Bellevue!). Add in the other great events associated with Bike Everywhere Month and it’s going to be a fun month of May!

So if you have your own team and want to compete with the “Weber Thompson Wheelies,” or if you like Bike Works and want to participate in our fund raising challenge, join us—get out and ride!


Sunset Electric awarded LEED Platinum certification


Sunset Electric has been awarded LEED for Homes Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council! This is currently the highest possible LEED certification for environmental responsibility and efficiency.

Developed by The Wolff Company, this 92 unit mixed use apartment project has garnered buzz for its innovative, sustainable design and incorporation of the original 1916 structure’s large brick façade, reflective of Capitol Hill’s auto-row heritage. The building’s strong leasing rates bear out its success; over 70% of the units are occupied. Continue reading “Sunset Electric awarded LEED Platinum certification”

Commute challenge month comes to a close

It was a grueling month of May for Weber Thompson’s 21 Bike to Work Commute Challenge competitors. Combined, they rode over 3,071 miles with an impressive 81.1% of the month riding into work.

Paired into 3 teams, competition took over the office between the Draft Punks, Jintensha Ninjas, and the Rushin’ Roulettes to see who would take the top prize. Throughout the month, there were ninjas at staff meetings hiding in the rafters, waiting to strike with their stealthy design skills. A revolution was declared in the form of libations for the masses by the Rushin’ Roulettes and the Draft Punk team hacked into the network to declare their dominance by changing everyone’s desktop background. But in the end, it was the ability to ride as much as possible to and from work that proved who reigned supreme.

The 2014 winners are: Continue reading “Commute challenge month comes to a close”

Weber Thompson staff take to two wheels

In and around Seattle, sedan owners, bus commuters and weary walkers are all donning their neon yellow jackets, fingerless gloves, and padded shorts and taking to two wheels to participate in the annual Commute Challenge, known colloquially as Bike to Work month. During the challenge, gangs of around eight riders team up to compete against other groups around the region. Scores are tallied based on number of rides, number of miles ridden, and rate of ridership, all logged and calculated through the Commute Challenge website.At Weber Thompson, the challenge is a much-anticipated opportunity for heated intra-office competition. Riders are separated into three teams, each of which assumes a team name and identity, creates a logo, brand, and various propaganda to win the popularity of their competing, and non-competing coworkers.

Weber Thompson hosted a Bike to Work Day breakfast for all bicycle commuters as a way to encourage and celebrate commuting without fossil fuels.

Continue reading “Weber Thompson staff take to two wheels”

Meet the Staff: Mindy Black

Mindy Black will be celebrating her 15th anniversary at Weber Thompson this September. Promoted to Senior Associate in 2007, Mindy oversees all phases of design and construction in a variety of project types including urban mixed-use, senior and affordable housing and attached single-family homes within planned communities. Although she spends countless long days ushering her projects to completion, she somehow manages to find time to pursue artistic and outdoor activities, as well as serve as the Chair of Seattle’s West Design Review Board. Continue reading “Meet the Staff: Mindy Black”

The Terry Thomas engages tenants to reduce energy use

Entrance wall at The Terry Thomas

The green building movement has been learning a valuable lesson in recent years – regardless of plaques and certifications, a sustainable building requires participation and engagement from tenants, visitors and management.

This lesson is being put to work at The Terry Thomas. While the building has historically used about 50% less energy than a comparable building, in its sixth birthday Stephen Grey & Assoc., the property manager, and Weber Thompson are launching an awareness campaign aimed at engaging tenants and visitors, with a goal of decreasing the building’s energy usage another 17% between 2013 and 2015.

There are two key components to this new campaign. The first is tracking utility data (electricity and natural gas aggregated with EPA’s online tool EnergyStar Portfolio Manager, normalized for weather) and sharing this data in a public place with the tenants of the building each quarter. Continue reading “The Terry Thomas engages tenants to reduce energy use”