#A19CON: Discovering the Rosetta Stone: Translating Research for Design Decision-Making

Weber Thompson is at the AIA National Convention in Las Vegas this week,  and Director of Sustainability, Myer Harrell, will be part of a panel discussion, “Discovering the Rosetta Stone: Translating Research for Design Decision-Making.”

About the session:

Many firms struggle to incorporate research into practice. Common barriers include staff time, firm structures, and the culture around non-traditional work. On top of it all, applying research findings to design projects can prove daunting without a roadmap.

Meet “Rosetta Stone”, a multifaceted tool that equips architects with actionable insight and guidance. It’s the first output of a new university/professional practice partnership among 11 leading design firms.

Hear how the partnership’s members—in only their first year—are paving the way for research in practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Increase your literacy of research findings and their application to design decision-thinking.
  2. Learn about emerging tools that leverage research findings in client goal-setting, and gain actionable guidance for healthier buildings.
  3. Acquire valuable lessons from research on occupant-centric environmental psychology in the built environment.
  4. Discover replicable models for architecture firms to engage with academics for translation and dissemination of research critical to practice areas.


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