Our personal Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Castle at the Sheraton's Gingerbread VillageFor the second year in a row, Weber Thompson employees have stayed up late at night to surround themselves with sweet tidings.

That’s right! It is time for the Gingerbread Village. Sponsored by the JDRF Northwest Chapter, this annual event, in its 20th year, raises money for funding the world’s best research to cure type 1 diabetes. The event runs from November 20 – December 31 at Seattle’s Sheraton Hotel.

This year, following the theme of “Once Upon a Time” our group mined their skewed sense of the world and created the Queen of Hearts castle, based on the 2010 Tim Burton movie.

You can see the Queen of Hearts in all her blue eye shadowed glory, and Alice in both her iconic blue dress, and her “hear me roar” armor. A multitude of characters including Twedledee and Tweedledum, the Mad Hatter, Caterpillar, and various card guards, gather around the amazing structure the team built.

Down the rabbit holeWith five flag topped towers, flying buttresses that support a certain cat, and stained glass windows, the castle is an amazing combination of architecture, engineering and the culinary arts.

Dyed green, shredded coconut serves as grass, custom made fondant hearts dot the landscape among fields of flowers made of deconstructed jelly beans, licorice and candy corn. Windows were fashioned with melted sugar, with food coloring swirled in as the sugar hardened to make the tall stained glass windows.

Perched atop it all, the Jabberwocky waits for battle.

Major call outs to Mindy Black, Nicole Winn and Lauren Blass for their late nights, and dedicated leadership to pull this together.

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