A [bath]room with a view

At The Terry Thomas, even the bathrooms have a view, as well as fully operable windows.

In an effort to maximize the building’s usable space, we tucked the building’s core by a blank south wall that overlooks the alley. Doing this provided us the opportunity to locate the bathrooms along exterior walls with expansive windows.

This quirky characteristic means that the second- through fourth-floor bathrooms have lovely views from some of the stalls.  With a little head craning, we can see Denny Park, the bustling construction activity in the Denny Triangle, Belltown and beyond. We can even see the site of one of our future projects!  The first-floor bathroom windows were sacrificed due to the exhaust from the transformer vault.

There’s one, relatively obvious, concern we had with our decision to include windows in our bathrooms  – privacy, as the window glass is clear. Currently, the building across the alley is not occupied and its windows are obscured.  However, that property may one day be developed. When that happens, we’ll have to find ways to obscure the glass in our bathroom windows. It‘ll be a challenge – balancing our dedication to connecting the Terry Thomas to the outdoors while providing needed privacy.

We’ve developed several schemes and mocked it up on the windows. After much deliberation we’ve decided that when the time comes, we’ll add horizontal stripes of frosted film, leaving some clear space between them. This will increase privacy while still preserving our connection to the outside world.  Even with the frosted stripes, we’ll still have a full view if we want – after all, we can always just open the windows.

-Elzbieta Zielinska, LEED AP; Project Manager for The Terry Thomas

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