Striking the right balance

Contractors continue installing the “sun glasses” on the east and west sides of the building. The glass shades add an interesting dimension to these façades with a splash of green cast on the windows and metal siding when the sun is out – a pleasant surprise.

The challenge with all buildings is striking that balance between natural daylight and solar gain. The beauty of the glass shades is the ability to significantly reduce the heat gain without compromising natural daylight into the interior spaces. Abutting an existing building to the south was a significant asset in controlling our interior environment.

Construction Update

This is an exciting, albeit the most stressful phase of construction, for the architect and interior designer as finished materials, applications and systems are integrated into the building, especially the interiors.

With an exposed structure, careful coordination with the subcontractors is essential when it comes to installing the plumbing, electrical and communications cabling.  The electrician installing the j boxes and running the conduit has to have the same mindset as the tile installer or the finish carpenter and has to understand that her/his work is part of the space. There are no dropped ceilings in this space. This is an ongoing challenge.



Crews are painting, laying carpet and installing work stations. Original completion of the shell and core was projected to be March 1 but due to a delay in delivery of the Warema exterior blinds from Germany, occupancy is scheduled for the end of March. However, we are still on schedule for an April 4th move in.

-Scott Thompson AIA, LEED AP, Principal in Charge of The Terry Thomas

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