Meet the Staff: Elizabeth Holland

Elizabeth_HollandElizabeth Holland, MBA, LEED AP, was recently made an equity principal at Weber Thompson. During her tenure, she’s helped the company successfully ride out the industry’s frequent ups and downs. Her business-oriented approach to operations is balanced by close attention to culture and quality, and it is this level-headedness that’s allowed her to thrive at Weber Thompson. Learn more about Elizabeth on our website.



What is your name & title/role?

Elizabeth Holland, Principal (Operations, Finance, Marketing)

Share a little about your background.

I grew up in Oakland California and moved to Seattle to attend UW. I got my undergraduate degree in English and after various retail and temp jobs and a stint in Salem, MA, I got a job working for a graphic design firm in Seattle. I started as the receptionist, but then ended up writing copy for ads and brochures and eventually became their marketing manager. Unfortunately, the bulk of the firm’s work focused on travel companies. So when 9/11 happened, I got to take a spontaneous 13 month vacation.

How long have you worked at Weber Thompson and why did you begin working here in the first place?

I started in 2002 – 13 years ago. A friend of mine (Landscape Architect / Planning Principal and all around fabulous person Catherine Benotto) had recommended me for their PR Director position, Continue reading

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Farmer’s market season is upon us!


In case you missed the signs this past month – dry, warm, and long days – summer is upon us, which means many of Seattle’s farmers markets have started up for the season!

Not only are the farmer’s markets a great opportunity to get the best produce and learn first hand where your food comes from, they are a great way to avoid the intermediate industries that are required with most large grocery stores. Not that this is inherently bad – without them, we wouldn’t get southern hemisphere produce during our off-season or many imports that we are unable to grow locally – but removing them from the local produce equation often means less waste, less cost, and greater profits to the independent farmers that are often marginalized in our high-tech and finance-focused economy.

Last Thursday, June 18th, SLU (& Weber Thompson!) welcomed back the Pike Place Market Express to 410 Terry Ave. Also, new this year is the Terry Ave Market on Saturdays. Just outside The Terry Thomas, it’s a step toward activating South Lake Union on the weekends, which are usually pretty quiet in this employee-dense, resident-light neighborhood.

Check out these other links to find out about the Farmer’s Markets in your area:

U-District/Capitol Hill/West Seattle/Columbia City/Lake City/Phinney/Magnolia:

Queen Anne:


Additionally, if you’re interested in the junction between architecture and food, stay tuned for a blog recap of the SAF Design in Depth lecture on June 9th about this topic. It was a great discussion about how meals and spaces are designed to enhance and develop ‘The Seattle Flavor.’ Weber Thompson was proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of this event.

- Aaron Swain

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Meet the Staff: Carey Dagliano Holmes

Carey-Dagliano-Holmes-webAssociate Carey Dagliano Holmes RA, LEED AP, joined the Weber Thompson team in 2014 with more than thirteen years of experience in a dynamic range of project types. Deeply involved in her community, Carey was recently appointed to Seattle’s Southeast Design Review Board. As a Beacon Hill resident and registered architect, she is looking forward to melding her personal and professional worlds to serve her community.


How long have you worked at Weber Thompson?

1 ½ years

What is your favorite thing about working at Weber Thompson?

It feels just like studio at architecture school. Everyday I am surrounded by creative people who are really excited about challenging themselves to create interesting and high quality work. I also really love working in the building we designed for our offices; my desk is bathed in soft natural light every day of the year.

Summarize your job in a paragraph.

At Weber Thompson, I employ my design and project management strengths to advance the design development and permitting of complex urban projects. My current focus is on the Westlake Steps projects: two multi-lot, multi-building developments in South Lake Union. I also manage WT’s Studio Pin Up, an informal discussion group focusing a critical eye on WT’s project design integrity. Continue reading

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WTid: Vintage Summer Vibes

It’s almost here. The days are getting longer, warmer, filled with dates, dreams and deadlines. To help you welcome SUMMER, the Weber Thompson interior design department has put together a board of their latest wants and desires with a nod to days long gone.

Find the featured items and recipes on the WTid Pinterest board!

Vintage Summer Vibes

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A two-wheeled tour of Weber Thompson work


With attention to the festivities of Bike-to-Work Day last Friday, a small group of us took to the streets by bike to familiarize ourselves with a number of Weber Thompson projects (some currently under construction), and see for ourselves how bike-friendly Seattle actually is! All-in-all we took a look at about 15 projects, from holes in the ground and nearly completed, to projects that have been standing for 10 – 20 years. It was a great day to get out on a bicycle, and see so many projects that have inspired trends in development, and will continue to do so in the future.

We started downtown with the deep holes that are 2nd + Pine and Potala Tower, also stopping to see Cristalla, Viktoria and Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue. We discussed how they respond to their context and contribute (both 3- and 4-dimensionally) to Seattle streets, skyline (the tree at Viktoria seems to be doing well!) and neighborhood development. Continue reading

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Bike to Work Month Rolling Along

Weber Thompson's Bike to Work Month team Devo Velo.

Weber Thompson’s Bike to Work Month team Devo Velo.

The peddles are turning, gears grinding, and friendly team competition engaged. This year teams Devo Velo and Mad CAD: Beyond Thunder Thighs will battle for the prestigious team spirit award, mileage award, and most frequent commuter award. The teams will be covering 72-73 miles a day when everyone rides. There will also be awards for individuals who ride the most miles and rack up the highest number of commute trips. All this in the name of reducing the number of cars on the road, improving your health, and enjoying the outdoors.

Seattle’s growing bicycle accessibility, as measured in numbers (from the Cascade Bicycle Club website):

  • 283 miles of bike trails
  • 15 miles of striped lanes
  • 35 miles of signed bike routes
  • goal of 250 miles of protected bike lanes by 2024

Continue reading

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A home for all: Supporting affordable housing in King County

Mindy Black and Jeff Reibman enjoying the HDC Luncheon photo booth.

Mindy Black and Jeff Reibman enjoying the HDC Luncheon photo booth.

Five Weber Thompson staff and five guests joined 700 others in support of affordable housing at the Housing Development Consortium’s 7th annual member celebration luncheon.

The HDC is a non-profit organization whose mission we strongly support: to promote collaboration and cooperation among the many different people and agencies working to meet the housing needs of limited income residents throughout King County. Providing access to safe, affordable housing is a cause we are passionate about and are dedicated to supporting. Continue reading

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Elan Uptown Flats and the renaissance of the front porch

A Quick History of the Front Porch


Take a stroll through any established residential neighborhood in Seattle and you will see porches on the majority of houses. A commodity in the mid-1800s until the 1950s, the front porch was popular for many reasons. The ideal front porch was large enough to accommodate seating for a number of people, stood a few steps above street level, and afforded protection from the elements while still capturing cool breezes in the summer. The front porch was where home life happened: a place to socialize with neighbors, visitors, and family members; a light-filled extension of the home; a vantage point affording views through the neighborhood; a safe, liminal space between public and private. It put “eyes on the street”- a famous phrase from Jane Jacobs- promoting community safety through social capital in urban communities. It was not uncommon for people to know their neighbors and socialize with them on a regular basis: the front porch was the architectural mediator in the community.


The ubiquitous front porch faded from popularity with the rise of new technologies. Radio and television provided a new source of entertainment for families, pulling them indoors. Continue reading

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Bike to work month spinning closer

One of Weber Thompson's 2014 Bike to Work month teams, 'Rushin' Roulettes.'

One of Weber Thompson’s 2014 Bike to Work month teams, ‘Rushin’ Roulettes.’

The tulips have bloomed, the snow melted, and the gears are spinning again en masse on the roads and bike paths of Seattle.  Yes, it’s that time of year again, when WT staff divide and conquer, in the form of cycle-commuters, to reduce traffic congestion and green-house gas contributions.

Continue reading

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Living Future 2015 unConference Recap

living-future-conference-imageEarlier this month, several representatives from Weber Thompson attended the Living Future unConference, a three-day forum for discussing sustainable design solutions to global social and environmental issues. The annual conference brings together some of the most progressive minds in the building industry and provides a dizzying mix of inspirational speeches, technical charrettes and heated panel discussions. Continue reading

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